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Andi "Hi there, we have been enjoying Andi so much!  She loves her naps, she snuggles right in, and she gets what we call “the zooms” where she races around the yard. All the people in our walks just think she is so adorable and smart. I’m working on heeling and sitting.  She loves to show me how smart she is!!
I have been meaning to write my testimonial so let’s try this:
My family and I have always own a dog and they have always been considered part of the family. We had a German- Sheppard named Jasper, who helped train our next dog Dexter. Dex was a Golden Doodle Who was adored, loved and cherished by our family and all the neighbors. We knew that we could never replace Dexter, but we had a hole in our hearts and a quietness in our home that needed filled. When we searched online for another Golden Doodle, we came across Breed a Doodle and when we saw the picture of Andi “Mint” we were so thrilled. Then to read about how her parents behaviors were and how the mom was a family pet we proceeded to find out if our little puppy was available. Andes “Mint” are my boys favorite Mints, so this is why we choose her name. She fits it. She is playful, so kind and we just love her. I am from Colorado, so I guess I will always have a good story to tell her about our travels and how she sat on my lap on the flight, even when she was supposed to be under the seat. Not a chance!!  She has stolen all four of our hearts and we love watching her every move throughout the day. Thank you for caring for Andi and letting her know the power of touch and love in her litter days. She is comfortable with being held, having her feet, ears, tail and tummy rubbed and being pet at anytime. I would highly recommend Breed A Doodle and I wish your family the best." Stephanie Carpenter, Colorado


Stephanie flew to Birmingham Al to pick up Andi. When we pulled up to the hotel where Stephanie was staying, she was waiting outside and waved her arms with excitement. When Andi saw her, it was love at first site. We truly appreciate the effort that Stephanie put toward getting that precious puppy. Thank you Stephanie!!

Poppy, “she is our doll! She is such a lover too. Very sweet baby! So glad you gave us a chance to gain such a special family member.” The Carters

Molly, “She is such a sweet pup. Everyone loves her. She is perfect for our family.” The Harrells


Fern, “Fern is great! Turning silver. She is so sweet. She goes with me a lot and never meets a stranger, people or dogs. I have a friend and she has gone camping a few times. She rarely barks. I love her very much. She is such a good friend.” The Whatleys


Winnie, “She is such a good puppy! She didn’t cry at all on the way home or last night. She already acts like she owns the place. She’s having a big day today getting to know the neighbors. Thanks again!” The Bargerons

Stephen Nester, "He is such an amazing dog everyone is always impressed with him. He is so gentle with me 90 year old grandma, he will just lay at her feet and let her rub him with her feet while she sits in a chair. He’s been incredible with the our friends 2 month old baby, and we have been taking him to the oncology wards to do rounds and provide emotional support and they love him.

He’s loving his new house and yard. He’s got so much energy when we go outside I can play frisbee and hike all day. He is the most obedient and smartest doggo. We take adventure to brunch or Home Depot. He goes most everywhere off leash and he will heel the entire time I wonder through home depot staying at my left side the whole time and sitting down every time I stop walking. Everybody loves him everywhere we go. When we are inside he’s a snuggle bug and just loves love. He will take naps with me on the couch on Saturday and just snuggle up. He really matches the mood so incredibly. We love him so much. Thank you for all you do."

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