Anyone wanting a low shedding hypoallergenic little piece of sunshine, we have what you want. We breed F1b doodles. 

If you breed a purebred dog with a Standard Poodle, it results in a F1 doodle (50% poodle - 50% other). For families with low to moderate allergies.

If you take that F1 doodle and breed that back to a Standard Poodle, you get the F1b doodle (75% poodle - 25% other). For families with moderate to severe allergies.


When your application is received, we will contact you via phone or email to answer any questions you might have.

Please call to leave a $100.00 deposit once completing your application.


Veterinarian visit within 10 days of receiving your new family member for a full checkup is required for health guarantee.



We do not place a puppy without a signed contract. We believe it's the professional thing to do. Contracts protect you the new family and us the birth family.



We require spay/neuter at or before 24 months. If you're a breeder, there is an additional application and fee for breeding rights. This might seem hypocritical at first glance, but we strongly believe in responsible breeding and we have a take-back provision in our contract. Any puppy from our home always has a home here, and will never experience the fear and burden of life at a shelter. Because we take cradle-to-grave "original home" responsibility for the puppies we created, puppies must be de-sexed unless you are under a foster home agreement.



We will provide registration papers, for non-mixed breeds for your convenience.

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Call 205-412-1477 to Leave a Deposit

Your $100 Deposit is non-refundable. Remainder due at 6 weeks of age.

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