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Doodle Training

Both the poodle and golden retriever dog breeds are known for being highly social and trainable.  The Goldendoodle, therefore, is typically a quick student and can learn multiple commands with proficiency, which makes them great pets for first-time dog owners.

As with all dog breeds, it’s recommended to begin socializing and training at an early age. Goldendoodle puppies are naturally social, so they’ll enjoy socializing with dogs and people alike!

4 Week Training Program For Goldendoodle Puppies

This program is ideal for those who want a leg up on training but would like to do most of the training themselves.


We begin the process of transitioning your puppy to a new location and life away from their litter-mates, to become familiar with a family atmosphere.


The program is best suited for those who do not want or cannot handle, those first very messy and noisy days of crate training.


During this four-week program we will introduce:

Obedience commands (name, sit, leave it, come) in a formal way.

We focus on the helper commands (sit, name, leave it) for the other aspects of training in the future.


Your puppy is on a leash most of the time he is out of his crate. By having the puppy on a leash, we can control the source of rewards at this point.


Socialization continues by exposing your puppy to all the farm animals, family and friends. We will expose them to day-to-day sights, sounds, smells, and textures.


At the end of the 4-week training, they should be able to hold potty for 7-8 hours (overnight) in their crate and barking should be very minimal.



  • Your puppy will receive around the clock 24/7 care for the length of time enrolled in our program. 

  • Your puppy will live in the home of a caring trainer.

  • The initial adjustment away from the litter, most puppies come home ready to instantly bond.                            

  • Your puppy will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make house training much easier. You will receive a copy of this schedule.

  • Your Puppy will be crate trained. Meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold potty and remain quiet 6-8 hours at night and for a few hours during the day.

Price: $1,600

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