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 Litters Available Golden Doodle Puppies For Sale

We're Sorry, All Our Puppies from Our Latest Litter Have Found a Home.

A poodle

What can I say about Maggie, she is one of our favorite moms. Maggie is a show quality sweet girl. She is so attentive and caring. Maggie always wants to know where her owner is and wants to be by her side.

A poodle

Connor is such an obedient and sweet boy. He is majestic and obedient. He is AKC/CKC, Embark tested and a proven stud. He is a parti we are excited to see what the puppy colors will be.

We are now taking applications for our puppies; deposits will be taken when the puppies are born. 

Our mom's are not for breeding purposes, they are are family pets. We breed responsibly and the moms and puppies are given the best home care possible. When you adopt one of our puppies, you are adding a new member to your family. We supply a pedigree with each puppy and they are microchipped for identification and safety. We want the experience of bringing home a new puppy as stress free as possible, so, we potty train to grass and we begin the crate training for you. So, when you receive your puppy they have already started the adjustment period of crate training. They come to you healthy, UTD on vaccinations and worming, with their own blanket and toy with mommy's scent.  We want their transition to be as stress free, as possible. We do Embark DNA testing on all of our moms. Poppy's Embark results are clear on all health markers. The price for these precious puppies will be $1500.00

Our puppies are born in our home. The whelping box has a dedicated place in a bedroom so that we can manage temperature control and monitor all aspects of the births and the development of the babies.


The first thing we do after the puppies are born is to place a collar on them. The puppies wear different color collars, and this is how we track their weights two times a day, how our Vet keeps track of them and how you can track them from week to week in the pictures. We also give them an identification name, only as a reference, you name your own puppy.


After the puppies are born, we send a birth announcement via messenge to each family on the list with the litter specifics and pictures. We send pictures and updates every week, so you can watch them grow.


The first step in securing one of our F1b or F1bb doodle puppies is to fill out our puppy application. 


When your application is approved, we ask for a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your puppy. The balance is due 2 weeks prior to pick-up. The deposit covers our time of removing the puppy from being available, adding the puppy back to advertising outlets and the new owner paperwork we complete.



Puppy coats will grow to about 4-8 inches. The color of the coat can be cream, red, white, gold, apricot, chocolate, parti and black. A parti colored doodle is at least 50% white, with solid patches of any other color. A solid color doodle with white markings that cover less than 50% of the body are known by several names: abstract, mismarks, or chrome. Merle is a varied coat pattern.

Female Dogs


All puppies go home with the following:

  • A microchip will be inserted or provided if you wish to have it placed by your vet during the spaying or neutering appointment.

  • Your new pet will have all their puppy shots up to 8 week

  • Record of puppy worming, starting at 2 weeks and every 2 weeks.

  • Pedigree on puppy's parents will be supplied.

  • A small sample bag of the puppy food they've been eating.

  • A "Puppy Pack" including a health record pamphlet, a transition blanket and toy with mama's scent on it, and some other goodies for you and your puppy!

Make an appointment with your Vet for a new puppy wellness check, to occur within 10 days of pickup. Ask your vet to check out the puppy for any health conditions that would be a concern and let us know immediately.

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