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Meet Our Moms

Meet Our Moms
Our Doodle Dads

The dads we seek to find are doodles, so the puppies we offer are F1B or F!BB doodles so that, families with moderate to severe allergies can be happy dog owners.

4 dogs wearing xmas jumpers

About Our Doodles


We breed F1 or F1b, first doodle/poodle cross breed, with our standard poodles, resulting in  F1b and F1bb's. Families with moderate to severe allergies often find that doodle backcrosses (F1b) fit best with their needs. F1bb are 12.5% Golden Retriever and 87.5% Poodle and are the least likely to shed.

Momma Piper takes her daughter, Poppy, to see Santa

2 dogs with farther xmas
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